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Agri commodity brokers and biomass traders join forces in BiomassBrokers

Ridderkerk, The Netherlands - 12 March 2013 - The establishment of a new company called ‘BiomassBrokers' is the result of a cooperation between Marc de Boer, coming from BFP International, and the company SoyaBrokers. BiomassBrokers will provide dedicated brokerage services for products related to the biobased economy including products associated to bioenergy, biofuels and biochemical industries. The office resides in Ridderkerk, close to Rotterdam, and complements an existing team of 5 brokers. BiomassBrokers will be led by Marc de Boer. BFP Intrenational will remain active as a special purpose company for specialised deals and agency agreements.

BiomassBrokers will provide premium brokerage services combining the experience and brokerage expertise of SoyaBrokers with the biomass knowledge and trading experience of Marc de Boer coming from BFP International. The collective client base shared in BiomassBrokers provides a global network of biomass and agricultural commodity suppliers and consumers enabling BiomassBrokers to build a global integral overview of the market and allows them to quickly collect and share market information for the benefit of its customers. "As brokers our clients can expect from us that we know the ins and outs of their market. Being constantly in contact with suppliers, end consumers, shippers and traders, discussing the trade and procurement possibilities for their products ranging from amongst others palm kernel shells, woodchips and woodpellets to vegoils and biofuels, we can provide our clients the best possible trading opportunities.", according to Marc de Boer. "In addition the entire team of brokers are highly experienced and have been in the agri commodity industry for over 20 years in various functions and positions, so they can also advise on and assist with contracts, logistics, shipping and execution of contracts.". 
SoyaBrokers has been servicing the agri commodity market for over seven years now and are one of the leading brokers for soybean and rapeseed derivatives in Europe. John Snijders, co-founder of SoyaBrokers: "After our successful entrance to the agri commodity market, it was only logical after 7 years to look for further opportunities and to eventually arrive at biomass which is very close to the agricultural products and trade we are already familiar with. We are very enthusiastic about the new partnership with Marc de Boer and we're very confident that he's the right person to drive the development of BiomassBrokers. Based on our market research and the information we get, it seems the biomass market is awaiting a profound evolution coming years. We are certain that BiomassBrokers can play a vital role in the further development of this market and bring value to our customers.".