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BFP International and Cosmo Biofuels sign MoU for the development of Jatropha plantations

Sustainable production of biodiesel with Jatropha one step closer

Rotterdam/Kuala Lumpur 27 November 2007 – The Dutch company BioFuel Projects International B.V. (BFP International) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Cosmo Biofuels Group from Malaysia to conjointly develop Jatropha plantations. The cooperation initially aims to the development of Jatropha plantations in Asia but can be extended to other continents and alternative energy crops. The agreement has to result in large-scale Jatropha plantations varying from 25.000 up to 100.000 hectares in size and in accordance with current and future sustainability requirements. The plantations are capable to produce 30.000 metric tons of oil per annum up to 200.000 metric tons annually when the full acreage is planted which is still on the conservative side.

The CEO and co-founder of BFP International, Marc de Boer, is very pleased with the agreement: "It is a big step forward to produce truly sustainable ground materials in Asia for the fabrication of biofuels". BFP International focuses on the sustainable production raw materials for second-generation biofuels. "BFP International is an interesting partner for biofuel producers as we combine knowledge of the commodity market with investments in alternative and innovative energy crops. By following this strategy we can provide sustainable commodities at favourable conditions", says Marc de Boer. "To be able to provide these favourable conditions and limit the risks involved it is essential to know the economic and logistic aspects of the trade as well as the agronomic and agricultural side of these new energy crops. In that respect we are very pleased that we have signed the MOU with Cosmo Biofuels as it is a renowned and well-known company with extensive knowledge in the fields of Jatropha research and cultivation."

Cosmo Biofuels in Malaysia develops and installs Jatropha plantations and promotes the applications of Jatropha products. Khoo Hock Aun, director of Cosmo Biofuels, is also enthusiast about the agreement: "I am very pleased with the cooperation with BFP International and we look forward to do many fruitful projects together.". Khoo Hock Aun was one of the lead engineers for the Jatropha ventures of D1Oils, together with BP they form the largest investors in Jatropha today. Cosmo Biofuels has started various small-scale projects to grow Jatropha in Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Vietnam.

Jatropha does well on poor soils and barren lands in arid conditions and can therefore be cultivated on lands that are not suitable for regular agriculture. Thanks to these characteristics Jatropha does not compete with food production. The fruits contain seeds that have a high oil content. Jatropha oil is known to possess very good characteristics and is well suited to be processed into biodiesel.

BFP International is also involved in projects in the fields of oil production using algae and the cultivation of Camelina and Rapeseed. The company is active in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Africa and Australia.