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BioFuel Projects International B.V. opens subsidiary BFP Africa B.V.

Developing projects for the production of sustainable renewable resources for next generation biofuels and bioenergy on the African continent

Rotterdam 11 July 2008 - Dutch project development company BioFuel Projects International B.V. (BFP International) recently established a new subsidiary, BFP Africa B.V., to handle its activities and interests on the African continent. BFP International expects that Africa will quickly develop into one of the important producers of renewable and sustainable raw materials that can be used for next generation biofuels and bioenery.

The continent has vast potential to produce renewable raw materials for energy at affordable costs, however the infrastructure is poor and needs to be developed and local business customs and culture require specific knowledge which all in all requires a specialized approach for projects in Africa. BFP Africa attracted qualified staff that has extensive knowledge and experience with development projects in Africa. BFP Africa will start with Jatropha pilots and wood pellet production with solid local partners in close cooperation with BFP International.

BFP International develops projects for the production of raw materials that can be used for the fabrication of next generation biofuels and bioenergy. Taking into consideration all aspects of true sustainable development. BFP International currently focuses on Jatropha plantations, algae oil, solid biomass and waste streams and is also reviewing opportunities for Camelina. The company has its head office in The Netherlands and is active in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Southern America.