BFP International BV

Van Goghlaan 52
2661 SB  Bergschenhoek

Phone +31 (0) 10 414 5500

What BFP International stands for
The BFP International team focuses on biomass commodities that demonstrate a high energy efficiency balance, hence offer a sustainable alternative compared to fossil fuels, and are economically viable. In addition BFP International explores and initiates biomass project and supply chain initiatives that minimizes impact on current feedstock acreage, will have no or minimum impact on food security and food prices. Nor do we allow deforestation, felling of virgin rainforest and the disappearance of unique biodiversity. In order to achieve these goals BFP International focuses on biomass derived from innovative energy crops or pure agricultural residue streams that lead to next generation biofuels, bioenergy and biobased chemicals contributing to a biobased economy. Furthermore we facilitate appropriate evaluation of our projects and biomass sources making sure we can meet all our clients' and EU sustainability requirements.

When we speak of biomass with a high energy efficiency balance, that means that the output of the energy delivered by the end product is substantially higher than the initial energy needed to produce and transport the biofuel or bioenergy product, hence contributing to a better environment and providing a sound economic model for investors and participants to invest. We are convinced that all of the aforementioned aspects form a delicate balance and need to be in equilibrium in order for biofuel and bioenergy initiatives to be successful.